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BOX - new cassette out now 

BOX - cassette - 9 songs - 2016
Download here  /  Mailorder cassette here

"...There should be a science of discontent, people need hard times to develop psychic muscles, what's your destiny? Prophecy, feminine energy, frank herbert how big is this sandworm? ..."
BOX from the song "Dune"

BOX is grimy, minimalist punk from Olympia.  
BOX is sad, complex, wild, goofy, genuine & unpretentious.  This tape fucking rules.  The songs are bleak snapshots, short punk vignettes, and off kilter anthems for outsiders and scummy people.  
BOX reminds me that punk is a place for freaks to make noise & express darkness without having to offer answers or advice or hope.  What i love about this tape is that you feel like maybe the people in this band truly don't give a crap whether you like their band or not... it's awesome.  I may be completely off the mark here, but in my brain this BOX cassette sits next to Honeybane, Bratmobile, Margaret Thrasher, Flipper, and Crass.
Don't miss out on this!


SLOUCH - Toxic Bitch ep out now! (cassette & download) 

Click here to download SLOUCH Toxic Bitch ep
This is amazing. "swim/fight/survive in this sea of shit: toxic hellworld names you "Toxic Bitch" '... Queer hardcore punk and orchestrated chaos from olympia/portland.  Distorted, heavy, creative, off-kilter, noisy, but catchy with smart and earnest lyrics concerning the gender binary, identity, trichotillomania, self-loathing, hope & hopelessness and other such punk themes.  when the tapes arrived the other day, me and Cameron listened to it on the porch, he said: "woah, it's like i'm getting pummeled... or crushed."  SLOUCH will be on a full US tour July 1-Aug 4 , check em out and pick up a tape!  Tour dates here.   We'll have the cassette available for mailorder when they get back (international orders too). 

Buy merch directly from SLOUCH here:  SLOUCH BANDCAMP   

SLOUCH IS: brynn - vocals // tannrr - guitar // camille- bass // erik- drums
(members of: G.L.O.S.S, Sharkpact, Soil, Crude Thought, Tankini, Prank War, The Chain, Hail Seizures etc...)  

SHARKPACT interview in Maximum RocknRoll!  

Yoooo,  SHARKPACT interview in the new MRR! June issue #385. Pick it up at yer local record shop. (Downtown Boys is on the cover- awesome band!) Big thanx to Thane from PERMETHRIN for interviewing us, and editing, formatting, & submitting it.  

Permethrin cassette out now! 

PERMETHRIN - "Trajectories" cassette
We are super stoked and proud to release PERMETHRIN's first tape. 6 songs of urgent, melodic, crusty punk. A pitch perfect soundtrack to finding inspiration through the soggy, grey days of Olympia autumn & winter.  The first time I heard this band I was like "this reminds me of RITES OF SPRING or something…"  The next time i saw them i thought they sounded like MARGARET THRASHER.   This band is just unique.  Creative songwriting, with smart, sharp lyrics.  Everyone plays like they are really pissed off and coming from a true place. This tape fucking rules. download here or order the tape here
Thane- guitar/vocals, Jake- bass/vocals. Preston- drums.

posted 06/05/2014
download here   / order vinyl on releases page




posted 05/18/2014

Our friends Steve, Clay, and Cassie just recorded this tape with Joester and it is amazing. dark, gloomy, catchy punk. genuine and heartfelt.  Currently on tour down the west coast. Download it here..


posted 05/8/2014



dearest friends, we coming to take over your towns and sleep on your couches
dates r there----->>>

jeff / camille


all shows with DOGJAW!!!

MAY  2014
30 - seattle, WA @ the cockpit w/ AGATHA, SEASIDE TRYSTE
1- Olympia, WA @ tba
6- missoula, MT
8- minneapolis@ shitbuiscuit w/ DISHPIT, BABEQUEST
9 Chicago, IL @ tba
11- pittsburgh,PI
12 - philly, PI @ The Tea House
13 - brooklyn, NY @ death by audio w/ SHELLSHAG, BENNY THE JET RODRIGUEZ
14- worcester, MA
15- boston, MA
16-  providence, RI
17- Brooklyn, NY @ LuLs w/ MAGNETS, MARSHMELLOWS
18- washington DC @ the Rocketship
19- athens, ohio
20, 21,22- bloomington, In- PLAN-IT-X fest... (we play saturday  w/ NANA GRIZOL, HARD FEELINGS, MAX LEVINE ENSEMBLE,  SHELLSHAG, DOGBRETH etc)

23- Asheville, NC @ static age records
24- Jacksonville, FL
25- Tallahassee, FL
26- athens, georgia
27- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE
28- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE
29- chattanooga - DOYAHEARWE
30- little rock @ Vino's w/ TBA
1 columbia, missouri
2- kansas city @ Pointless Forest w/ NATURE BOYS
3- denver, CO
4- salt lake city, UT
5- boise, ID
6- portland, OR


posted 04/05/2014
CHAIN TAPE repressed by our friend alex turner at STAY PUNK TAPES in Oakland,CA.  check it out. you can buy it from STAY PUNK TAPES, or download it here.


posted 03/18/2014

HEYYO!  DITCHES is re-mastering and putting out SHARKPACT's album "Run" on vinyl with help from our friends at STARCLEANER //  and RUMBLETOWNE. release date is early June. also SHARKPACT is touring with DOGJAW this spring to play PLAN-IT-X fest in Bloomington, Indiana....  and DOYAHEARWE in chattanooga!  
dates are over there------------------->>>

jeff / camille


posted 09/24/2013

BITPART- "as long as you give a fuck about it" cassette
new release for
fuck yeah this band totally rules. 7 songs of melodic, complex, heartfelt pop punk from olympia via paris, france.  
download that shit!



posted 08/01/2013
greetings sweet punks of the world.  we (SHARKPACT) are back from our US tour, and wanna say thanks to any and all of you who set up a show, made us food, took us swimming, or who were general badasses.  also WE LOVE YOU CHATTANOOGA PUNX!  the fest was so rad! and YOU are so rad for helping us when our fuel pump busted and we got towed to Sluggo's! ha!  so many good bands live in your town you lucky buggers...  cherish it.

In honor of the new punk holiday NO INTERNET AUGUST, we here
at DITCHES are gonna mail off the records, and merch you ordered by this date,
but wont check our website or email til september.  you can still place
orders but we just wont see them til a later date. stay chill, stay off the 

come to FLOPFEST in olympia!!! a million sick bands over 3 days! 
jeff / camille

posted 06/14/2013
SHARKPACT - "run"  
our tape is done! we'll have it on tour!
11 new songs (one sluger cover!) of keyboard/drums
gritty thrashy pop punk. guest appearances by the joester
on bass, mattie on guitar, and legs, meg, kevy, levi
on gang vox.

listen & digital dowload here!  

posted 05/27/2013
FULL LENGTH LP!!!! 4 days w/ the joester at PUNKALL!
shit yeah!  mixing this week, should be done by tour june 14.   


posted 05/07/2013
hey SHARKPACT is playing May 17 in Olympia w/ RVIVR @ Capitol
Theatre Backstage!!! It's the RVIVR "The Beauty Between" record release.   
$5 11:30pm  just us two bands come now come now the new record is
really fuckin good.
xoxo jeff


posted 04/18/2013
hey yall!
we finally made a website. it's like we're a real label now. all legitimized by the
internet. this is where you can find our bands' music and download it for donation.
or you can also mailorder stuff on the releases page (even with credit card).
we used to think purchasing punk records with credit cards was seriously not
very punk, and we still do in a bigger picture kind of way. but we also know we
got larger fish to fry than arguing all day about antiquated technology. if you
wanna give us money for putting out punk records... better to us jerks than to
some other jerk. Also we'll post tour dates here. for example the SHARKPACT
tour to the right --------->
fuck yeah! up the punks and their websites.
and seriously thanks for your support.

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